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    Auto Restoration of Long Island is the full service turn-key solution.

    Whatever your dream - tell us - we'll make it happen. "You dream it - We'll deliver it!" - Some say we build excitement - actually we just deliver the goods.

    Chuck Ragusa - does a great job with vintage birds - T-Birds and recently a Firebird; anyone can see he has the knack for - Phoenix Rising ...yeah baby grab your keys - flippin' Hot!

    By definition; a classic car is a motor vehicle, in most states, that is not a reproduction and was manufactured at least 20 years ago.

    Whereas any car from 1973 onwards would be defined as “modern customs” or collectibles; an antique car is 45 years or older.

    A true icon; the Classic American Automobile; Ford Thunderbird. This is an example of a fully restored "driver" which can be seen at Auto Restoration of Long Island.

    By definition; Hot-Rods are somewhat similar to muscle cars; they typically have large powerful engines, modified or "hopped-up" for speed.

    The term dates back to the 30's & 40's when these cars were light roadsters; back then the trend on the West Coast was to reduce the weight of the car - removing the bumpers, top, and swapping out the engine for more power.

    This began a trend of chopping tops, sectioning, and channeling, dropping lowering the car; all in the name of speed - the birth of NHRA; National Hot Rod association.

    By definition; a Muscle car is the product of the American car industry and refers to a variety of high performance automobiles.

    Most widely accepted term refers to an American two door rear wheel drive mid-size cars of the late 1960s and early 1970s equipped with large, powerful V8s for street use and formal and informal drag racing.

    Small car — big engine; not to be confused with high-speed road racing sports cars and GTs.

    By definition; Resto-mods are restored and modified classic cars utilizing the latest technology and modernized to today's standard.

    A resto-mod looks like a fully restored classic muscle car, but careful inspection may revel features not available on an original manufacture; such as 4 disc brakes, air-conditioning, upgraded interiors these features enhance the ride and safety but would not have been with "correct" parts.

    Auto Restoration of Long Island will perform custom upgrades; handling steering suspension packages and engine options; custom built to your specifications — a unique one of kind classic with todays advanced technology.

    Most of the original Mustangs left in scrap yards are rusted or wrecked beyond repair. The new body shell is made of virgin metal (automotive-grade steel that is actually stronger than the original) and uses modern welding techniques. It comes rustproofed, and after final adjustment and finish preparation of the body panels, it is ready for painting and final assembly.

    Ford Motor Co. has the perfect body for classic Mustang aficionados.

    The automaker is offering unpainted body shells that can be made into 1964 1/2, 1965 or 1966 Mustang convertibles, depending on the restoration parts and powertrain. Starting at $15,000.

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Frame-Off Restorations

There are a few traditional ways to restore an automobile - one is the "right way" any other way will require doing it a second time; the right way...

By taking the body off the frame- you can address all the issues you don't see - rust and wear. If you are serious about restoration you will do it once, and do it right the first time.

Media blast the sub-frame, exterior body and underside - this will reveal any defects. Prevent future rust paint the sub-frame with POR-15. Now is the time to replace body bushings and mounts for a safe smooth ride.

The key to great restoration is being able to work every surface of the car comfortably - this is where the rotisserie is absolutely necessary. At Long Island's premier auto restoration shop it allows for painting areas of the car which typically are overlooked.

Engine Builds

Performance Engines

If matching numbers are not critical to your restoration; or you're interested in a "street rod" resto-mod consider updating to the latest engine technology.

Chuck Ragusa has years of experience building performance engines; as a NHRA record holder he will steer you in the right direction.

Restore & Repower

Available NOW exclusively at Auto Restoration of Long Island - for all

  • GM Chevelle, Camaro, GTO, Firebird
  • Ford Mustang 5.0 engine packages
  • Enhanced Fuel Economy
  • No Lead fuel additives
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Digital Ignition Fuel Injection

Custom Auto Interiors

Upholstery wears even if it's leather- we can refurbish even the most tired seats and replace those long lost parts.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Face it - old parts are hard to find - even if you do find 'em what shape they are in can be anyone's guess.

Often times custom fabrication is the only option. Auto restoration of Long Island can fabricate sheet metal to replace those rusted patches so even a trained eye would not notice the difference.

Sometimes it's a modified result the customer is looking for we can help you get the look you want- flared fenders, frenched lights - call Chuck Ragusa.

Electrical & Electronics

Restoring a vintage auto- requires careful inspection of the wiring and Electrical components. Over time this too will wear- dried cracked wiring is not only unsightly it is also a fire hazard. We can trouble shoot and or replace for you satisfaction.

Today there are countless electronic accessories, consider rewiring or upgrading your old dry and brittle wiring harnesses - we use painless products.

Air conditioning was not a standard feature found in automobiles prior to the 1980's; sure there were some options available; even those are out dated today..

Chill out - Auto restoration of Long Island installs Vintage-Air - so you'll feel as cool as you look!

Vintage Air
Smart choice, climate control on a humid rainy day will keep the widows from fogging, no sweat - call us today.

Replace that old AM radio relic of the past with the modern convenience of FM stereo and play that iPod or mp3 player today.

A great restoration is not just a good looking piece of art- it's a time machine that needs to work like a Swiss watch and never miss a beat- Your ride will not only look great it will be machanically sound and reliable as you would expect.

Upgraded Gauges
While restoring or building a resto-mod don't overlook the instrumentation- you may want to replace those "idiot lights" with proper gauges for water temperature, oil pressure, tachometer RPM.

This is especially true if you have upgraded to a performance engine, do it now while all the wiring and electrical can be done more efficiently.

Custom Dash Gauges
We install various aftermarket kits specific to your vehicle.

Mechanically Sound

A great restoration is not just a good looking piece of art- it's a time machine that needs to work like a Swiss watch and never miss a beat- Your ride will not only look great it will be mechanically sound and reliable as you would expect.

Mechanics on Duty

Auto Restoration of Long Island has ASE staff mechanics that are qualified to work on your classic car.

During the restoration process when the body is off the frame is when the car suspension system is closely examined for wear and tear. All body to frame mounts and bushings urethane and rubber are replaced; often times this will require replacing or stiffening worn pieces. Additionally, worn springs; coil and leaf are replaced for a smooth ride.

Unibody construction and specifically convertible models require extra attention; chassis flex has always been a problem; especially on the convertibles. Sub frame connectors strengthen chassis, improve traction and handling, and increase power to the ground and take the flex out of hard cornering.

Modifications such as ride height - lowering coil springs or drop spindles, ask Chuck Ragusa he has years of experience.

Custom Handling Packages
Rack and pinion steering, Air-Ride technologies, upgraded springs and sway bar

Stop on a Dime - Disc Brakes
Okay - you invested serious money on a restoration; now is the time to protect it. The automobile is constantly evolving over time; with advances in hydraulics and power disc brakes; old "drum brakes" have been replaced with new and improved standard "disc" technology.

When restoring a classic auto - restoration of Long Island recommends you consider upgrading drum to disc brakes, as a safety requirement. Disc brakes will improve your vehicle's braking performance; shorter stopping distance, no brake fade, or rainy day wet brakes. Upgrade your ’60s -’70s hot-rod classic muscle car today.

We are experienced with boosters, master cylinders, proportioning values, and wheel size clearances saving you time and money.

Disc Brake Conversions
We specialize in complete Front and Rear brake replacement / conversions using popular aftermarket brands such as Wilwood.

Spindles, Rotors (slotted - drilled) Calipers, Brake lines, Boosters, Master Cylinder, Proportioning values – we get it all and get it done.

Custom Auto Finishing

Quality Restoration Finishing

The first thing anyone will notice is the paint - the restoration finishing process is a pains taking detailed process; one slight imperfection is not good enough. The flawless finish is a process which is demands great surface preparation of repetitious block sanding.

Auto restoration of Long Island is more than a "Body Shop"; we are craftsmen with amazing attention to detail.

Artisans at work.

What's the difference between an auto "Body Shop" vs "Restoration Shop" ? It's the method of billing; time and materials; rather than a standard set shop price of cut and replace.

Each restoration is different - like an artist sculpture; we bring the shape and form back to life for your ultimate driving experience.

It all comes done to the finish - impeccable, flawless, showroom quality - custom finish you stretch the boundaries - candies, gold, flames, blends and transitions - this is within the scope of auto restoration of Long Island. Got an idea - talk to us - we can make that dream a reality.

We have been using House of Kolor and PPG exclusively for years and have a handle on finishing your ride - inside and out.

It's All About The Prep:

Any and every flaw will be magnified from any surface imperfection - that's why we wet sand, between every coat- and prepare the base coat to perfection.

Some show cars have 6 coats of clear- which gives the depth and gloss; that award winning reflection. Get your shades- these cars shine bright!

We are well respected for our custom paint and finishing- look close and you will see why!

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