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Restoration Projects

Auto Restoration of Long Island is a busy shop - walk in and you will see various cars, makes, and models in all different stages of restoration.

As each vehicle is different, so are our customer's requirements — therefore you will see an assortment of our custom restoration work.

From street rods, custom classics, muscle cars, resto-modified, and truly one of a kind hot-rods. Each project can be at a different stage of restoration - from disassembly, prep- media blasting, rust repair- fender removal / replacement, welding grinding, body work, block sanding, frame-off, sub frame repair, suspension upgrade, brake conversions, engine performance upgrades, custom interiors, air-conditioning, to final paint and assemble, final chrome finishing and detailed trim reassembly. There are hundreds of thousands of parts; all of which are carefully removed, inspected and addressed- some of which can and should be replaced or upgraded; some parts can be found; some only reproductions are available; while others are lost to history; the only solution is custom fabrication completes a project.

Recent Projects

Past Projects

We have a gallery of completed projects; this is the work we have done over the years and we continue to add - so feel free to come back and view our custom craftsmanship.

Current Projects

This is the gallery of work in progress - ideally this is where our customers can view the status of their project.


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